the Louvre, the Opera & Notre-Dame

Iron In The Soul, p.134-5
'Paris can go to hell, for all I care!' said Gomez with sudden violence. 'It's better they should have taken it without a fight, isn't it?'
'The French could have defended it': there was a trace of emotion in his voce.
'Hell! a city like that, in the middle of a flat plain?'
'They could have defended it. Madrid held out for two and a half years.'
'Oh, Madrid!' - Richie repeated the word, and sketched a vague gesture: 'But what's the point in defending Paris? Why, it would have been crazy! They'd have destroyed the Louvre, the Opera, Notre-Dame. The less destruction there is, the better. As things are now' - he wound up with an air of great satisfaction -'the war'll be over soon.'


the Louvre


the Opera

notre dame

Notre Dame