The Seine

The Age Of Reason, p.38
'Mathieu, you shall decide: if I send Weym├╝ller away, he will throw himself into the Seine. Can one really drive a man to suicide for a mere suspicion?' she added desperately. She was sitting upright, her ugly face aflame with kindliness. She inspired in Mathieu the rather squalid sympathy one feels for people who have been run over and hurt in an accident, or are suffering from boils and ulcers.
'Do you mean it?' he asked. 'He'll throw himself in the Seine?'

The Age Of Reason, p.60
Mathieu was on the point of saying: 'Look how green the Seine is,' but he said nothing. p.60


The Age Of Reason, p.89
The Seine was yellow under a blue sky. Black barges loaded with casks lay moored against the opposite quay. Daniel was sitting in the sun and his temples ached.

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