Boulevard Saint-Michel

The Age Of Reason, p.47
"He took her by the shoulders, and shook her, smiling as he did so. She had for his sake sacrificed her deepest repulsions, she had - become his accomplice in an act she loathed : she was beaming with delight.
"Where will you be about eleven o'clock?'
'I shall be at the Dupont-Latin, Boulevard Saint-Michel. I could stay there until you ring me up.'
'At the Dupont-Latin? Right.'


The Age Of Reason, p.133
On the Boulevard Saint-Michel people also look into the shop-windows, but they mean to buy.

The Age Of Reason, p.245
'Look here,' he said. ' I want you to drive slowly from the quays up to the Boulevard Saint-Michel. I'm looking for someone, and I want to see into all the cafes.'
Ivich was not at the Biarritz, nor the Source, nor the Harcourt, nor the Biard, nor the Palais du Cafe. At Capoulade’s. Mathieu caught sight of a Chinese student who was drinking a glass of port, perched on a high stool at the bar.
'Excuse me,' said Mathieu, looking up at him. 'I believe you know Mlle Serguine. have you seen her today?'
'No,' said the Chinaman, speaking with difficulty. 'Some accident has happened to her?"
'Some accident has happened to her!" shouted Mathieu.
'No,' said the Chinaman. 'I was asking if any accident had happened to her.'
'I don't know,' said Mathieu, turning his back on the man.

Iron In The Soul, p.93
The Boulevard Saint-Michel, but yesterday a long southward spread of gold, seemed now like a stranded whale, belly up. He made his feet ring out upon the great, sodden, hollow carcass.

  * the cafe's searched in do not exist by those names today.