Rue Blaise-Desgoffes


The Age Of Reason, p.46-7
'And you don't know anyone else?'
'No,' said Sarah slowly. But suddenly all her kindliness flooded into her face again, and she exclaimed: 'Yes, I do: just the person - why didn't I think of it before? Waldmann. You haven't met him here? A Jew, a gynaecologist. He's a sort of specialist in abortion: you would be quite safe with him. he had an immense practice in Berlin. When the Nazis came into power, he set up in Vienna. After that, there was the Anschluss, and he arrived in Paris with a suitcase. But he had sent all his money to Zurich long before.'
'Do you think he'll do it?'
'Of course. I'll go and see him this very day.'
'I'm glad,' said Mathieu, 'I'm awfully glad. He isn't too expensive, I hope.'
'He used to charge up to 2,000 marks.'
Mathieu grew pale: '10,000 francs!'
'But that was sheer robbery,' she added quickly. 'He was exploiting his reputation. No one knows him here, I'm sure he'll be reasonable: I shall suggest 3,000 francs.'
'Right,' said Mathieu between clenched teeth: he was wondering where he'd find the money.
'Look here,' said Sarah, 'why shouldn't I go this very morning? He lives in the Rue Blaise-Desgoffes - quite near. I'll slip on some clothes and go along. Will you wait for me?'