Rue Reaumur

The Age Of Reason, p.98
That was how it was, one couldn't be angry with Daniel. He was angry with Jacques. He stopped outside a squat building in the Rue Reaumur, and read with irritation, as indeed he always did: 'Jacques Delarue. Solicitor. Second Floor.' He went in and took the lift, sincerely hoping that Odette would not be at home.
She was.


The Age Of Reason, p.125
It was ten o'clock. On leaving his office, Daniel had surveyed himself in the lobby mirror, and thought. 'It's starting again,' and he had been afraid. He turned into the Rue Reaumur. A man could lose himself there, it was just a mere tunnel standing open to the sky, a vast antechamber. Evening had emptied the business premises on either side; there was, at least, no inducement to imagine any intimacies beyond their darkened windows. Daniel's vision, now released, sped between those pierced cliffs towards the patch of pink and stagnant sky which they enclosed on the horizon. It was not so easy to hide; even for the Rue Reaumur he was too conspicuous.
The tall painted lasses who came out of the shops made bold eyes at him, and he was conscious of his body. 'Bitches,' said he between his teeth.