12 Rue Huyghens .. Matthieu's apartment


The Age Of Reason, p.241
'Good,' said the man affably. 'You will surely find a friend who will advance you what you need for a fortnight. This is your permanent address ?' he said, pointing a forefinger at the document. '12 Rue Huyghens?'
'Well then, at the beginning of July we will send you a reminder.'
He got up and accompanied Mathieu to the door.
'Good-bye sir,' said Mathieu, 'Thank you.'

The Age Of Reason, p.248
'Then where do you want to go?'
'How should I know. It's for you to say, you took me away.'
Mathieu pondered for a moment, 'All right,' he said.
He gave her an arm as far as the taxi, and said: '12 Rue Huyghens.'
'I'm taking you home with me,' he said. 'You can lie down on my sofa, and I'll make you some tea.'
Ivich did not protest.

The Age Of Reason, p.267
He goes to the window, he looks at the sky. He draws the curtains : with his left hand. He switches on the light. He transfers the razor to his left. He takes out his pocket-book and produces four thousand-franc notes. He takes an envelope from his desk and puts the money into the envelope. He writes on the envelope : For M. Delarue, 12 Rue Huyghens.


The Reprieve, p.336
He took her hand, and raised her to her feet, 'I must first show you around the establishment.'
In the bedroom he stopped before a cupboard. 'Here are six pairs of sheets, some pillow-cases and blankets. There's also an eiderdown somewhere, but I don't know where I put it, the concierege could tell you.'
He had opened the cupboard and looked at the piles of white linen, and laughed sardonically. 'What's the matter?' asked Ivich politely. 'All this stuff belongs to me. How absurd it seems!'
He turned towards her. "I'll show you the larder too. Come along.'
They went into kitchen, and he pointed to a cupboard. 'There it is. You'll find oil, salt, and pepper, and a few pots of preserves.' He lifted the cylindrical tins one after the other to the level of his eyes, and turned them round under the light. 'That's salmon, that's sausage-meat, and those are three tins of pickled cabbage. You put them in a double sauce-pan ..' he paused, and again broke into a rasping laugh. But he said no more, he looked vacantly at a tin of peas and replaced it in the cupboard. 'Take care of the gas, Ivich. You must lower the lever on the meter every evening before you go to bed.'
They were back in the sitting room 'By the way,' he said, 'I'll let the concierge know as I go out that I'm lending you the flat.'

* 12 Rue Huyghens does not exist, at least not as an apartment block, as the Gymnase Huyghens occupies numbers 10-20.