Avenue du Maine

The Age Of Reason, p.300
The sound of music came in gusts from the Avenue du Maine.

 77 Avenue du Maine : Los Trois Mousquetaires café

maine 2

The Age Of Reason, p.259
The Trios Mousquetaires café gleamed through the faltering dusk with all its lights ablaze. A desultory crowd had assembled on the terrace outside: soon the luminous network of the night would be stretched across Paris: these people were waiting for the night, listening to the band, and looking well content as they gathered gratefully round this first red glimmer of the night to come. Mathieu kept well away from this lyric crowd: the charm of the evening was not for him. You know not how to love, you know not how, And you will never know. A long, straight street. Behind him, in a green room, a little malevolent consciousness obdurately repulsed him. Before him, in a pink room, a motionless woman awaited him with a smile of hope. In an hours time he would walk softly into that pink room, and gradually become enmeshed by all the gentle hope, the gratitude, and love that he would find there. Men have drowned themselves for far less than that.
'Look out, you bloody fool!'
Mathieu flung himself forward to avoid the car: he tripped against the pavement, and found himself on the ground. He had fallen on his hands.
'God damn it all!'