Avenue d'Orléans

The Age Of Reason, p.137
He threw an approving glance at a little one-storied cafe, painted pumpkin colour, and suddenly noticed he was halfway along the Avenue d'Orleans. Strange how pleasant these people looked, on the Avenue d'Orleans between seven and half past seven in the evening.


The Age Of Reason, p.22
'I should like to see where you operate.'
The old woman flung him a hateful and suspicious look. 'Look here! Who told you that I operate? What are you talking about? Mind your own business. if your friend wants to see me, let her come herself. I won't deal with anyone else. You want to make inquiries, do you? Did she make any inquiries before she got into your grip? You've had an accident. All right. Then let us hope I shall be better at my job than you were at yours - and that's all I have to say. Good night.'
'Good night, madame.'
He went out with a sense of deliverance. He turned and walked slowly towards the Avenue d'Orleans : for the first time since he had left her, he could think of Marcelle without pain.