Rue Soufflot


Words, p.47
During one of our walks, Anne-Marie stopped, as if by chance, in front of the kiosk which still stands at the corner of the boulevard Saint-Michel and the Rue Soufflot : I saw some marvellous pictures and their garish colours fascinated me; I wanted them and I got them.

Words, p.119
Once, as we were about to leave, my grandfather appeared at the door of his study and asked: "Where are you going, children?"
"To the movies," my mother answered. He frowned and she quickly added,"To the Pantheon Cinema. It's nearby. We just have to cross the Rue Soufflot."
He let us leave, shrugging his shoulders.

Words, p.150
When I was ten, I was not yet aware of my manias and repetitions, and doubt never crossed my mind : trotting along, chattering, fascinated by what was going on in the street, I never stopped renewing my skin and I could hear the old skins falling one on top of the other. When I went back up the Rue Soufflot, I felt at each step, as the dazzling rows of shop windows went by, the movement of my life, its law and the noble mandate of being unfaithful to everything.