Gare de l'Est

The Reprieve, p.171-2
The crowd enclosed them and carried them along -thickening as it circled around them. Rene no longer knew if he were stationary, or moving with the crowd. He looked at the French flags floating above the entrance to the Gare de l'Est: over there was the war, at the far end of the railway lines, but it did not trouble him, he felt threatened by a much more imminent catastrophe: crowds are always in some sort of peril.

The Reprieve, p.338-9
The taxi sped towards Gare de l'Est .. crossing the Halles .. The taxi stopped. They got out and Mathieu paid.
'I don't like stations,' said Irene. 'There's something sinister about them.'

gare de l'est

The Reprieve, p.340
She sat on the edge of the bed and smiled at him. The train for Nancy was moving out of the Gare de l'Est: perhaps in Berlin, the bombers had already taken off.

Iron In The Soul, p.167
I'm through with hanging around the Gare de l'Est on the look-out for squalid little soldiers with their smelly feet.

War Diaries, p. 200
At nine o'clock I arrived on the platform at the Gare de I'Est, where I found a corner-seat without any trouble. There were many women seeing off soldiers, very few men . The women were clinging to their arms and looking at them with a kind of ferocity . B ut most of the soldiers, washed and shaved and likewise neater than they'd ever been before, weren't looking at them : they'd already left and were gazing into space or else looking at the other soldiers .