Rue Saint André des Arts

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Iron In The Soul, p.90-1
The tiny Square of Saint-André-des-Arts lay abandoned in the sunlight, lifeless. Black night reigned in the heart of noon .. There were still two iron chairs on the terrace: Daniel took one of them by its back, carried it to the edge of the pavement, and sat down, a gentleman of leisure beneath the military sky, in a white glare that was alive with childhood memories.

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The Wall
from The Childhood of a Leader, p.127
After these meetings Lucien and his friends felt hot-headed and were given to playing tricks. Once about ten of them came across a little, olive-skinned man in the rue Saint André des Arts, reading Humanité. They shoved him into a wall and Rémy ordered "Throw down that paper." The little man wanted to act up but Desperreau slipped behind him and grabbed him by the waist while Lemordant ripped the paper from his grasp with a powerful fist.