Rue Montmartre

The Reprieve, p.311
Philippe was already running along the rue Montmartre - so I'm a coward, am I, just a dirty coward? Well, they shall see. He came out into a square, opposite the dark, gaping entrance of a clamorous alley-way that smelt of cabbage and raw meat. He stopped outside the iron gates of a Metro station, where a row of empty bins stood on the edge of the pavement: scraps of straw and muddy lettuce leaves were strewn about the roadway ..

montmartre bins

Iron In The Soul, p.143
In the distance, a shadow crossed Rue Montmartre at a run.

Iron In The Soul, p.291
Brunet thought of Paris; of the Rue Montmartre, of a little bar where he's been in the habit of taking a glass of white wine, well laced, after leaving the Humanité office.

 22 Rue Montmartre (Daniel’s apartment)


The Age Of Reason, p.90-1
'Taxi!' he shouted. The taxi stopped.
'Twenty-two, Rue Montmartre,' said Daniel. 'Will you put this basket beside you?"
He swayed to the movement of the cab. He couldn't even despise himself any longer. And then shame resumed the upper hand, and again he began to see himself : it was intolerable : 'Neither wholesale nor retail,' he reflected bitterly. When he took out his pocket book to pay the chauffeur, he observed without satisfaction that it was stuffed with notes. 'Make money, - oh yes, I can do that.'
"So here you are again, Monsieur Sereno,' said the concierge. 'Someone has just gone up to your flat. One of you friends, a tall gentleman with high shoulders. I told him you were out. Out, says he, well I'll leave a note under his door.'
She noticed the basket and exclaimed: 'Why, you've bought the little darlings back!'
'Ah well, Madame Dupuy,' said Daniel. 'I daresay it was wrong of me, but I couldn't part with them.'
'It's Mathieu,' he thought, as he went upstairs. 'He's always on the spot.' He was glad to be able to hate another person.
He encountered Mathieu on the third floor landing.