16 Rue Delambre .. (Daniel's apartment)

The Age Of Reason p.38
He had dreamt that he was a murderer, and something of his dream still lurked in the depths of his eyes, crushed beneath the dazzling pressure of the light. 16 Rue Delambre, here it was : Sarah lived in the sixth floor, and the lift was of course out of order. Mathieu walked upstairs.

delambre 1

The Wall
from Esostratus, p.41
On a seventh floor balcony: that's where I should have spent my whole life. You have to prop up moral sensibilities with material symbols or else they'll tumble. But exactly what is my superiority over men? Superiority of position, nothing more: I have placed myself above the human within me and I study it. That's why I always liked the towers of Notre-Dame, the platforms of the Eiffel Tower,
the Sacre Coeur, my seventh floor of Rue Delambre.

The Wall
from Esostratus, p.50
This time, I would arrange to have everything my own way: I decided to carry out the execution at the top of Rue Odessa. I would profit from the confusion to escape, leaving them to pick up their dead. I would run, I would cross the Boulevard Edgar-Quinet and turn quickly into the Rue Delambre. I would need only 30 seconds to reach the door of my building.