6 Rue aux Ours

The Age Of Reason, p.135
'Here's fifty,' said Daniel, 'as a gift. And now clear out.' Bobby pocketed the note without a word, and they stood face to face, irresolute.
'Go away,' said Daniel, weakly. 'Thank you, monsieur Lalique,' said Bobby. He made as though to go and then turned back' "If you want to see me, or Ralph, at any time, we live nearby, 6 Rue Aux Ours, seventh floor. You're wrong about Ralph, you know, he likes you very much.'
"Go away.'


The Age Of Reason, p.261
The lamp shone dimly. Near the attic window, between the photographs of Marlene Dietrich and Robert Taylor, hung an advertisement-calendar bearing a small and rather tarnished mirror. Daniel approached it, and , set about to retying the knot of his necktie: he was in a hurry to get himself dressed.