Solferino Bridge

Iron In The Soul, p.134
Before crossing the road he looked right and left from force of habit, but saw nothing except the long tunnel of greenery. He was just about to walk over the Solferino Bridge when suddenly he stopped, his heart thumping.

Iron In The Soul, p.135
The river fills his vision : he is looking at the river, he is lost in lonely and unaccountable thought


Iron In The Soul, p.137
At the far end of the bridge, the boy hesitated before turning down the Quai d'Orsay. He reached a point where there was a flight of steps giving access to the bank .. in a leisurely fashion, Daniel leaned over the parapet and saw him down on the river bank, contemplating with hanging head and absorbed attention a mooring ring which he was pensively kicking .. the Seine, a greenish surface, with livid lights, was carrying on it's flood a number of dark, flabby objects. Top plunge into that evil looking stream was not a tempting prospect. The young man bent down, picked up a stone and let it fall into the water.

iron ring