Rue de Seine

rue de seine

The Age Of Reason p.180
'It's not that,' said Boris laughing. 'It's not that - but dancers, singers, and tarts, they're all the same ultimately. When you've had one, you've had them all.' He laid down his pipe and said gravely: 'Besides, I lead a chaste life. I'm not like you.'
'Indeed?' said Mathieu.
'You shall see,' said Boris. 'You shall see, I'll astonish you. I shall live like a monk when this affair with Lola is over.'
He rubbed his hands with an air of satisfaction. 'It won't be over very soon,' said Mathieu.
'On July 1st. What will you bet?'
'Nothing. Every month you bet you'll break it off the following month, and you lose each time. You already owe me five hundred francs, five Corona-Coronas, and the boat in the bottle that we saw in the Rue de Seine. You've never had any intention of breaking it off, you're much too fond of Lola.'


The Wall
from Intimacy, p.71
Lulu insisted on going to Montparnasse on foot; she said she needed air. The followed the Rue de Seine, then the Rue de L'Odeon and then the Rue Vaugirard.