1 Rue le Goff

Words, p.26
In 1911 we left Meudon, to settle in Paris, at No.1 Rue le Goff

rue le goff 1

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I had found my religion: nothing seemed more important to me than a book. I saw the library as a temple. Grandson of a 'priest', I lived on the roof of the world, on the sixth floor, perched on the highest branch of the central tree: it's trunk was the lift-shaft. I came and went on the balcony, cast a glance from on high at the passers-by, waved through the railings at Lucette Moreau, my neighbour, who was my age and had the same fair curls and youthful femininity, and retired into my cella or pronaos, but never went down in person: when my mother took me took me the Luxembourg Gardens - that is to say, every day - I lent my human body to these lowly regions but my glorious substance never left it's perch, and I believe it is still there. Every man has his natural place; it is not pride or worth that settles its height: childhood decides everything. Mine is a sixth floor in Paris with a view of the rooftops.


War Diaries. p. 70
I hardly have any religious memories : however, I can still see myself at the age of seven or eight, in Rue Le Goff, burning the lace curtains on the window with a match ; and this memory is connected with the Good Lord , I don 't know why.

 2 Rue le Goff

rue le goff 2

Words, p.95
At 2 Rue le Goff, opposite our house, there were sessions of table turning. They took place on the fourth floor, "in the magician's apartment," as my grandmother put it. She would sometimes call us, and we would arrive in time to see pairs of hands on a pedestal table, but someone would come to the window and draw the curtains. Louise claimed that children of my age, accompanied by their mothers, visited the magician every day."And," she said, "I see him. There's a laying on of hands." My grandfather would shake his head. Although he condemned those practices, he dared not make fun of them. My mother was afraid of them. My grandmother, for once, seemed more intrigued than sceptical. Finally they would all agree: "The main thing is not to get involved in it. It drives you crazy!"