Rue Monsiuer-le-Prince

The Age Of Reason p.142
At the corner of Rue Monsiuer-le-Prince and the Boulevard Saint-Michel, he stopped : he wanted to moderate his impatience, it would not have been wise to arrive with cheeks flushed. His principle was to act in cold blood. He forced himself to remain motionless outside an umbrella and cutlery shop, and to look methodically, one by one, at the articles displayed, midget umbrellas - green and red and oily, large umbrellas topped with bulldog's heads, all so utterly depressing that Boris tried to picture the elderly customers who came here to buy these objects.

 Rue Monsiuer-le-Prince : Hotel Stella

hotel stella

The Wall
from Esostratus, p.43
There was only one free room in the Hotel Stella, on the fifth floor. We went up. The woman was fairly heavy and she stopped to catch her breath on each step. I felt good: I have a wiry body, in spite of my belly, and it takes more than five floors to wind me. On the fifth floor landing, she stopped and put her right hand to her heart and breathed heavily. She had the key to the room in her left hand.