Rue Vercingérotix

The Age Of Reason, p.186
and, half-way down the Rue Vercingétorix, a small, pink, satined lair, Marcelle's room, my wife's room, and Marcelle inside it, naked and awaiting me.


The Age Of Reason, p.5
Half-way down Rue Vercingerotix, a tall man seized Mathieu by the arm: a policeman was patrolling the pavement.
'Can you spare me a franc or two? I'm hungry.'
'You mean you're thirsty?' asked Mathieu.
'No, I'm hungry, and that's God's truth.'

The Age Of Reason, p.6
Without stopping, without even turning his head, he passed the little blue house. But he looked at it out of the corner of his eye. All the windows were dark except in Madame Duffet's room. Marcelle hadn't yet had time to open the outer door.

vercingoratix 2

The Age Of Reason, p.7
The light had gone out in Madame Duffet's window. In a moment or two the light went up in Marcelle's room. Mathieu crossed the road, and slipped past the grocer's shop, trying to prevent his new shoes from squeaking. The door was ajar: he pushed it very gently and it creaked.

vercingoratix 3

The Age Of Reason, p.151
The large grocer's shop in the Rue Vercingerotix was still open, and he went in. When he emerged he was carrying in his right hand Saint Michael's sword of fire, and in his left hand a box of sweets for Madame Duffet.