Boulevard Montparnasse

The Age Of Reason, p.206
Mathieu walked out on to the Boulevard Montparnasse, He was glad to be alone.

The Age Of Reason, p.221
It was pleasant on the Boulevard, the people wore amiable faces, he knew them nearly all by sight ..


The Reprieve, p.175
on the first floor of No.99, above the Kosmos, a man in shirtsleeves appeared at the window, and laid his elbows on the railing.

from The Wall p.65
'What a bore,' Lulu said suddenly, 'I have to buy a brassiere.'
"Here?' Rirette asked. They were just passing a lingerie shop.
'No. But I thought of it when I saw them. I go to Fisher's for my brassieres.'
"Boulevard Montparnasse?'

 Boulevard Montparnasse : Le Dôme



The Age Of Reason, p.199
'The Dôme, at ten o'clock.' Mathieu awoke. That little hillock of white gauze on the bed was his left hand. It was smarting, but his body was alert. 'The Dôme, at ten o'clock,' she had said. 'I shall be there before you are, I shan't be able to close my eyes all night.'

The Age Of Reason, p.219-220
There was a silence, then Ivich added abruptly: 'Let's go. I can't stand La Dôme.'

The Reprieve, p.294
Mathieu went into the Dôme because the Dôme happened to be there. A waiter hovered around with an ingratiating smile: a puny youth in spectacles, very deferential. He was a new waiter: the old one used to keep the customers waiting for an hour, then stroll up nonchalantly, and took the orders without even a smile.

The Reprieve p.294-5
In July the Dôme had no precise confines, it overflowed through the windows and the revolving door into the street, and spread over the road, the passers-by were flooded in the milky haze that lit up the hands and left cheeks of the taximen on the rank in the centre of the Boulevard Montparnasse, the taximen's right profiles were red too: the Rotonde. But now the outer darkness surged against the windows, and the Dôme was reduced to it's own essence: a collection of tables, benches, glasses, dry and unresponsive, denuded of that diffused glow which shadowed them by night.

from The Wall, p.61
Rirette sat on the terrace of the Dôme and ordered a glass of port. She felt weary and angry at Lulu: and their port has a taste of cork, Lulu doesn't care because she drinks coffee, but still you can't drink coffee at aperitif time.

from The Wall, p.65
'Where's the waiter?" Lulu asked, stirring restlessly on the chair. "The Dôme waiters aren't ever there when you want them, is the little brown one serving us?'
'Yes,' Rirette said, 'did you know he's mad about me?'.

Boulevard Montparnasse : la Coupole


The Reprieve, p.175
The Boulevard Montparnasse was deserted. Sunday. Outside the Coupole five or six people were sitting over drinks: the lady from the scarf shop was standing in her doorway ..

The Reprieve, p.175
Outside the Coupole five or six people were sitting over drinks.

The Reprieve, p.291
A year: he would go back to Paris, he would walk down the Boulevard Montparnasse and the Boulevard Saint-Michel, both of which he knew by heart, he would go to the Dôme, to the Coupole, and he would sleep every night at Lola's place.

from The Wall p.51
I thought it wiser to put off the execution of my plan until the next day. I went to eat at the Coupole for 16 francs 80. I had 70 centimes left and I threw them in the gutter.