New York : Museum of Modern Art

Iron In The Soul, p.26
They were on the ground floor of the Museum of Modern Art in the Gallery to Loan Exhibitions. Gomez turned his back on Ritchie and the pictures. He leaned his forehead against the window and looked out at the tarmac and at the meagre grass of the tiny garden. 'Perhaps now I shall be able to think of something else than my own bit of tragi-comedy,' he said, without turning round.

Iron In The Soul, p.27
He turned around. Fifty pictures by Mondrian were set against white, clinical walls: sterilized painting in an airconditioned gallery. No danger here, where everything was proof against microbes and the human passions.


Iron In The Soul, p.30
Gomez swung around suddenly and grabbed Ritchie's arm. 'Come along! I've seen all I want to here. I know Mondrian by heart, I can turn out an article on him any time I like. Let's go upstairs.'
'Where to?'
'The first floor. I want to see the others.'
'What others?'
They walked through three galleries devoted to the Loan Exhibition. Gomez pushed Ritchie ahead of him, and did not want to look at anything.
'What others?' asked Ritchie again: he was in a bad temper.
'All the others: Klee, Rouault, Picasso - the ones who ask awkward questions.'