Thursday, September 26th

Cathedral again, for the Pilgrim's Mass. The Cathedral is packed, Standing Room Only, and while they're not all pilgrims, they're a good deal smellier than they were yesterday. Walking poles and backpacks abound.

Singing, and now the welcoming of the pilgrims, from the arrivals yesterday. LePuy gets mentioned, so does Australia. That's us, we're official now.

A Reading.

Then the collection, and the Shaking of Hands ritual; then the wafer and wine, and an old priest sings. He has a nice, strong voice.

The service has finished.

Cruising the bookshops, buying souvenir books, three heavyweight tomes, while Chris paints in the Plaza de Praterius.

later still
Wanders, passing the front of the Cathedral, and just watching it. Along with all the other Cathedral Watchers.